After spending most of my time recently making round baskets…today I had a go at making my third oval basket, but my first with handles.
The finished shape is better than my previous two oval baskets, partly because, when weaving the base, I now know how to change to reverse pairing to provide a more even base.
The attempt at a “rope” handle using twisted willow was not too bad considering it was my first.
All these different techniques require constant practice and appraisal!
I’ll keep at it!


Have finished 3 new baskets all with the “Volcano” shape and with various different types of weavers.
Very pleased with my progress!

Just finished my first PROPER basket!
It’s the first one that I’ve made were I can say….”Yes, that is a good basket”
A photograph (or two) will of course follow!

Here’s my latest effort, a round basket in mainly white willow.

Just finished another two baskets of the same design as before….this time managed to complete them both in one day!
here are the pics:-

Have just finished two baskets of same basic design, using a mixture of buff, white, brown and green willow.
Every basket is a learning process and I try and carry on lessons learnt to my next basket.
I now know the importance of selecting and grading the willow to be used….
Looking forward to continuing with more baskets next week when my hedgerow willow will have had a decent soak.

Today’s finished basket….hmmm not bad..